Q: What’s this site about?

This site tackles some of the most relevant issues with regards to watching movies.

Q: What are movie reviews?

Movie reviews are pieces of contents that provide readers, listeners, or viewers with context with regards to movies that are coming out.

Q: Why are movie reviews so important?

Movie reviews are important because they provide potential viewers with some information as to what to expect from the movies they are about to watch.

Q: How can movie reviews be bad?

If the writer of the movie review has some sort of bias, it can skew the impressions of a movie one way or another.

Q: Should we read movie reviews?

 For those who might not be sure about what movies are about or whether or not they’ll like them, movie reviews can work well.

Q: How movie reviews can change an experience

Movie reviews always have an effect on people’s viewing experiences regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. Whether it’s good or bad depends on the reviews or the movies.