No matter how useful, great, or beneficial movie reviews can be, there are actually plenty of times to avoid them. Your enjoyment of particular doesn’t just hinge on what you see during the screening but also in the days leading up to it. A negative review can substantially impact how much you enjoy a particular movie long before you get to see it.

Imagine for a moment that you come across negative reviews of Madame Tussaud when you have been looking forward to visiting there. All of a sudden, what should have been a joyous occasion becomes a chore to get through that’s devoid of all

When You’re Really Excited About The Movie

By and large, the reason people watch movies is to be entertained. As such, it pays to watch a movie you have been looking forward to for a long time without reading any kinds of reviews. This is simply the best way to ensure that you are going to enjoy what you are watching or be bummed about it depending on what the outcome will be.

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Of course, there will be times when a movie you were going to see will be bombarded with negative reviews and yet, when you go see it, you still end up loving it. If you hadn’t seen any of those negative reviews, you might have enjoyed it a little more.

When You’re New To A Franchise

Many times, movie reviews are going to contain spoilers even if they don’t apply directly to the particular movie being reviewed. Most of the time, movie reviews are simply going to be referring to past installments in particular movie franchises, which would then pose a problem for those new to a franchise.

This can be compared to your first try in a park-to-fly parking. We know park-to-fly parken in Berlin is rare but you get hesitant once you begin to hear negative comments.

Not everyone watches the same movies, after all, and people can develop a taste for particular films after getting a glimpse of ones that are coming out. As such, it’s best to avoid movie reviews for those who don’t want their experiences spoiled when new to a franchise.

When You Would Rather Form Your Own Opinion

filmingFinally, movie reviews tend to have an effect on people’s opinion on movies whether they like it or not, or whether they are aware of it or not. It’s like seeing Promo Codes on certain items and you just suddenly feel like shopping even though you weren’t planning to.

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If you are the type of person who prefers to form their own opinions on things, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of movie reviews. They will have an impact on your impression of movies no matter what you tell yourself.